Rev. John P. Spellman, OSFS

First Profession:
September 14, 1957

Final Profession:
September 25, 1960

October 1, 1966

Faculty, Father Judge High School, Salesianum School, Bishop McDevitt High School; Military Chaplain, U.S. Navy.

Present Ministry:
Retired – Annecy Hall – Childs, MD

Personality by Pixels

Pope Francis has called for a jubilee Year of Mercy. How do you experience the mercy of God in your life?
Forgiveness of past faults/sins.

With many experience of violence in the world and in our country, what is one way that you see Salesian gentleness as a healing agent?
Teaching students/homilies.

What is the most recent book you read? Who was the author, and what did you think of it?
A Separate Peace.

What is the most challenging dimension of Salesian Spirituality for you?

If you were pope, what would be one decision you would make to impact church in a life-giving way?

What gives you joy as an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales?
Community living/friendship.

If someone were to write a biography of your life, what title would you give it?

Which person taught you a lesson that is especially valuable to you? What was the lesson?
Scholastic master in high school – keep open to authority.