Rev. Edward F. Ogden, OSFS

Rev. Edward F. Ogden, OSFS

First Profession:
August 9, 1980

Final Profession:
November 12, 1988

June 27, 2013

Faculty, Northeast Catholic High School, Bishop Ireton High School, Holy Name High School, Paul VI High School, Salesianum School; Principal, Nativity Preparatory School; Director of Formation; Chaplain, Georgetown Visitation; Pastor, St. Thomas More Oratory

Present Ministry:
Dean of Students - De Sales University - Center Valley, PA                                                                                       

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What is your favorite church hymn?
How Great Thou Art / Holy is His Name / Jesus the Lord.

What book or film remains meaningful for you?
Book:  The Holy Longing by Ronald Rolheiser.  Film:  The Shack

How do you pray best?
My best prayer times comes when I am taking a quiet walk or when I turn off the radio during a long drive and enter into a "heart to heart" conversation with God.

How do you think Salesian humility can make a difference in the world?
Our cultural climate these days seems to be "I am right and you are wrong" or "my group is better than your group," which vents itself in conservative vs. liberal, democratic vs. republican rhetoric.  I sincerely believe we have lost our ability to sit down and have civil conversation about what really matters.  The Salesian virtue of humility calls forth an openness to at least listening with respect what another has to say without demonizing them for being associated with this or that group.  Humility invites us into recognizing that for the grace of God go I, we all need God's grace, and we can learn so much from another if we could recapture that fundamental Christian value of recognizing that Christ exists in the other - even those whom we disagree, strangers, refugees, immigrants.

As Pope Francis calls all to live the Gospel with joy, what gives you joy as an Oblate?
There are three specific experiences I have regularly that bring joy to my life as an Oblate:  1)  Gathering together with my family:  On Easter Sunday we gathered as a family to celebrate my brother Jim's 65th birthday and his retirement.  It was such a delightful day and I thought my mom (who has been deceased almost 20 years now) would be so proud that as a family we have continued her legacy of valuing family time.  2) Dinner with friends:   A dear friend of mine lives in Alexandria, VA with three children and I live in Newark, DE.  I think nothing of it to drive to Alexandria to have dinner together and drive back home the same day.  Spending time with wholesome friends means that much to me.   3) Presiding at liturgy:  Since I was ordained a priest later in life at the age of 54, leading the community through the celebration of the Eucharist and other sacraments brings me immense joy.   

If a young man were to be inspired by your vocation, what would you hope would inspire him?
I would hope that he would be inspired by my sense of generosity in serving others and my sense of joy and satisfaction in that service.